Fate Star Wars

Kill the pig, take his stuff

In preparation for the Gamorrean space redneck ambush setup, Tak and Credenzo worked together to create “Xtra-Boom K9 Sabotage Charges” and “Anti-Gamorrean Gas Grenades.” Tak flew The Weeping Gungan into the ambush and put up a token fight, then rigged the ship to appear disabled.

Tak and Credenzo dispatched the Gamorrean boarding party easily with the Anti-Gamorrean Gas Grenades. They then boarded the Gamorrean ship and attached the Xtra-Boom K9 Sabotage Charge to the space rednecks’ engines. Since they couldn’t raise Creedo on his com, Tak went looking for him and found him on the bridge with the pig boss. Failing to intimidate the Gamorreans into submission, Tak called for Credenzo’s help.

The Gamorrean captain, Gord, was wearing a red space-trucker hat and bearing a vibroaxe. He also used a “Super Cool” stimpatch which interacted unexpectedly with Credenzo’s gas grenades, turning Gord into a raging steroid monster. Since Super-Gord proved too strong to face directly, they fell back to the engineering area and blew the K9 charge to kill him.

Creedo’s contacts, who turned out to be Mon Calamari, showed up to take Gord’s cargo soon after. Tak picked out a weapon upgrade for The Weeping Gungan from the loot as well.

Second session

Tried a session over google hangouts, cut short by illness.

Creedo showed up at The Weeping Gungan’s berth, having been roughed up by Gamorreans. He had a plan to set them up by pretending to lure Credenzo and Tak into a fake ambush and then sabotaging their ship. Got a call from Jimbo the Jawa that was cut off by a Gungan voice. Credenzo lost his temper at the Jawa, gaining a lead on Kal-Gon’s location but pissing off Jimbo considerably. Returning to the ship, Tak began piloting it toward the ambush coordinates, near the accretion disk of the black hole.

First session

Tak accompanied Credenzo to meet his Rodian contact Creedo, who directed them to a Jawa who could help Credenzo reconstruct his deathstick lab.

While waiting for the parts, they met a group of Gamorrean weapons dealers to buy upgrades for The Weeping Gungan. They were instead ambushed by Kal-Gon the Gungan asshole and his asshole Gungan friends.

The Gamorreans blew an airlock on their way out of the firefight, but Tak was able to seal it and escape before enforcers arrived.


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