Credenzo Van Der Huge

Rick's Twilek Deathstick Cook

  • High Concept: Rebellious Rich Twilek Deathstick Cook
  • Trouble: Vicious Bigotry Against Gungans (Ninja Stars)
  • Homeworld: Polished, Cynical, and Rich
  • Strongly Desires Revenge Against A Former Business Associate
  • Short Fuse When He Doesn’t Get His Way
  • Portable Lab In A U-Haul Container Needs Refit

Refresh: 3

+4: Lore (Deathsticks)
+3: Resources, Will
+2: Contacts, Fighting, Shooting
+1: Empathy, Intimidation, Physique, Rapport

Free Stunt: Pharmacology
+2 to Lore about pharmacology

Free Stunt: Upper Crust
+2 to dealing with the upper class

Physical Stress 1 2 3
Mental Stress 1 2 3 4 5

Credenzo Van Der Huge is a scion of the rich, philanthropic, and well-regarded Van Der Huge family. He became disillusioned with his family’s status when he learned that it was gotten through political corruption and brutality, and subsequently his rebellion took the form of becoming an expert in deathstick cultivation and manufacture.

His first pilot absconded with a full shipment of deathsticks and Credenzo’s ship, stranding him at The Island, for all of which he will exact appropriate revenge at some point. He has provisionally teamed up with the dogfaced pilot Tak, despite the ugly fur and lack of cranial tentacles. Credenzo hates Gungans even more virulently than other non-Twileks, and insisted on forging registration codes for Tak’s ship with the name The Weeping Gungan.

Credenzo needs to overhaul his container lab, trashed by the traitor pilot, and get his operation going again.

Credenzo Van Der Huge

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