Wolfman pilot-mechanic

  • High Concept: Wolfman Pilot-Mechanic
  • Trouble: Yes, This Is Totally My Ship (The Weeping Gungan)
  • Conflicted About Deathsticks
  • Credits Rule Everything Around Me
  • Slightly Amoral And Extremely Slobbish

Refresh: 3

+4: Pilot
+3: Craft, Shooting
+2: Athletics, Fighting, Physique
+1: Intimidation, Investigation, Notice, Stealth

Free Stunt: Wurwilf
+1 to Athletics for running; claws and teeth are Weapon:1

Free Stunt: Evasive Maneuvers
+2 to Pilot for avoiding enemy fire

Physical Stress 1 2 3 4
Mental Stress 1 2 3

Tak’s life on Uvena Prime was mostly uneventful until he succumbed to peer pressure and tried deathsticks at his 25th birthday party. His reaction to the drug was unusually severe, and he regained consciousness several weeks later with an incredible headache, aboard an unfamiliar pleasure yacht, in an unfamiliar star system. Tak was even more dismayed to discover that he had apparently stolen the personal yacht belonging to the Imperial governor of Uvena Prime.

Low on fuel and considering it unwise to return to Uvena anytime soon, Tak took refuge at a nearby “space station” called The Island. He made contact with a deathstick dealer, Credenzo Van Der Huge, who was unable to shed light on Tak’s recent history. Credenzo did have a partnership opportunity that suited him, however. Needing credits for fuel and fake registration codes for the stolen ship, Tak reluctantly accepted.


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